We are in the year 2015. Darius Dudek, Robert Löffelholz, Frank van der Sant, Tom Hoppe and Jogi Johrendt have just returned from a photo shooting back to their rehearsal room in Westerholt. They have not only taken many great photos but also lots of excellent songs in the backpack. In the course of 2014 they have recorded and finally released their debut CD with 9 own compositions. During their live gigs they usually play a set of own compositions and interpretations of Jazz and Funk Standards in the very special electrio style. Tutu, Are You Going With Me, Dodge The Dodo, Gibraltar, Red Baron, Cantaloupe Island, Green Flower Street plus many more…

Keyboards, trumpet and flugelhorn, guitar and guitarsynth, bass, drums and percussion merge into each other and build their platform to elaborate every corner of the song. If a funk song turns smoothly into a swing or reggae you are evidencing the electrio experience. The “Hertener Allgemeine“ wrote in March 2015 „The implicitness of the linkage is demonstrated in their music. The relaxing saltation of the beat, the architecture of the harmonies and combination of it all, flavored with freaked solos and other surprises. Songs to enjoy and relax…“ (Author Thomas König).

Back in the past, in the year 2003. Tom Hoppe, Frank van der Sant and Jogi Johrendt, all from Westerholt, found the band. Instrumental Jazz-Rock. Crossover. Own compositions mix with blends from Pat Metheny meets die Beatles and Pink Floyd. Nevertheless all the experiments and the gig in the clubs of Westerholts have not resulted in the well-deserved fame and glory for the band.

The breakthrough appeared in 2012 when the electrio core team met the two new musicians Darius Dudek and Robert Löffelholz. A quantum leap / a nuclear meltdown / a fusion happened and   e l e c t r i o   in the recent set-up was born.